Meet the Fleet

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Registration Number"Old" Registration NumberVehicle MakeBody MakeYear MadeNo. of SeatsNo. of StandeesLow Floor?
MH17 EGKBUS 1SEnviro 200 (8.9m)Alexander Dennis20172934yes
MH17 EGJH1 JYMEnviro 200 (8.9m)Alexander Dennis20172934yes
MT66 MTEB1 JYMEnviro 200 (8.9m) Alexander Dennis20162934yes
MH15 LHRB1 BUSEnviro 200 (8.9m) Alexander Dennis / Plaxton20152934yes
MM14 DWUBU52 LEEEnviro 200 (8.9m) Alexander Dennis / Plaxton20142934yes
MM14 DXKBUS 1TEnviro 200 (8.9m)Alexander Dennis / Plaxton20142934yes
MM14 DWXM1 BUSEnviro 200 (8.9m)Alexander Dennis / Plaxton20142934yes
MM13 OCHBUS 51TEnviro 200 (10.8m)Alexander Dennis / Plaxton20133928yes
A499 MHGLeyland Tiger Cub (10.0m)DAB19844114no