Service Changes

We are sorry to announce that we have lost the contract to provide the following school services:

  • 554 – Bedford High School to Tyldesley (pm)
  • 931 – Higher Fold to Astley (am and pm)
  • 988 – Leigh to Golborne High School & Hope Academy Newton (am)

We have also lost the contract for the following “school days only” service:

  • 58407:41 Crankwood to Leigh service
    This does not affect our 07:14 (then hourly) service (timetable).

The following service has had a timetable change:

  • 990 – Hag Fold to Westleigh High School.
    From 3rd September, this service will depart from Spa Road Turning Circle at 0749 (timetable).

Finally, it is with pleasure that we can announce the introduction of a new schools service. From 3rd September, we will be operating a new school route:

  • 935 – Bedford High School to Hag Fold (am and pm) (timetable).