B1 JYM Damaged by vandals – CCTV

Our brand new bus, B1 JYM, was badly damaged at 5.15pm on Tuesday 15th November 2016.

The incident occurred on Nel Pan Lane near Old Clare Farm.

The vandals can be seen hiding on the lane behind Glover Street and Garden Vale. They are about to leave, when they see our bus, and return to their hiding spot.

As the bus passed, they threw what appeared to be handfuls of stones at the bus – shattering three side windows.


We appreciate the video isn’t good enough to recognise faces, but there is enough to identify these criminals. They were also throwing items at passing cars and vans before B1 JYM was targeted.

Fortunately, there were no passengers in the affected section of the bus and whilst a little shaken up at the time, the driver was uninjured and has recovered from the incident. B1 JYM has also made a full recovery to the tune of £1,000 !

If you have any information which may be helpful, you may contact us in strictest confidence.


Jim Stones

Jim and Joan Stones have been providing transport services to Leigh and the surrounding areas since 1968. In that time, the fleet has grown from 1 coach to 13 fully accessible buses providing quality bus services 7 days a week.